What we do?

Exhibition stands:

Attractive has all disciplines in-house to offer a full service for the design and construction of exhibition stands anywhere in the world. Attractive understands that the power of an exhibition stand lies in its effectiveness to translate the client’s brand. Attractive offers exhibitors a full-service including: concept, design, production, and transport to storage. Attractive literally and figuratively ‘speaks the language' of show organizers anywhere in the world, knows each exhibition center so can solve problems before clients are even aware of them. As a producer and a director, Attractive have executed many impressive exhibition stand globally. From the design to the training of the exhibition stand personnel.

Event Management:

Attractive offers a world-class event management service. We target brand events strategically & creatively, ensuring the brand message is always delivered to the highest standard. We give events content, interaction and energy to maximize the experience, always looking for the latest trends, creative developments, technology, social media and target group knowledge.


Brand experiences are about connecting brands and people emotionally. Attractive believes that to create brand experiences that matter to consumers you must think about and understand the people you're trying to touch and what they value.

Corporate interior & shop fitting:

Attractive specialize in world-class interior design and fabrication for the business market. Our personal approach and attention to detail characterize our way of working. Our project managers seamlessly control the whole process including construction, lighting, digital way-finding, audio-visual design and installation to the highest standards. All our interiors are produced in our own workshops, The Netherlands or out of our offices in Hong Kong, Dubai, London or Moscow. Alternatively Attractive regularly works with client Architects and designers to realize their designs.